Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd. Japanese
Hyogo Pulp strives to achieve harmony with  the natural environment as a producer of  unbleached kraft pulp (UKP) and biomass energy.
Company Profile
  Company Overview
  Address and Map
UKP Production System
  Steps Involved in the Production of UKP
  Secrets of High Quality
  Overview of Major Facilities
UKP Production System
  Sheet Wetpulp
  ISO14001 Certification Acquisition
  Environmental Policies
  Turning Lumber Scraps and Recycled Wood into Raw Materials
  Supplying Biomass Energy
Measures against Illegal Logging
  Basic Policies about Wood Feedstock Sourcing
  Status of Wood Feedstock Sourcing Efforts
  System to Prove Legal Compliance
UKP   Potentials for UKP
  Relationship between UKP and the Recycling-oriented Society
  Uses of UKP
  UKP as a Replacement for Asbestos
  UKP Markets in East Asia
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